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Relaxed Opening at the Mary Rose 21 Jun - 21 Jun 2019
21st June 2019

The environment within the Mary Rose is designed to create a stunning atmosphere and display, as well as helping protect the delicate collection of artefacts within the gallery showcases. However, we understand that visitors with a visual impairment or those with other medical and physical conditions, such as autism or...

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Anniversary of the Sinking of the Mary Rose 19 Jul - 19 Jul 2019
Why did Henry's ship sink?

Why did the Mary Rose sink at the Battle of the Solent? Hear the intriguing theories then decide for yourself!

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Tudor Shipwright - Festival of Archaeology 2019 20 Jul - 28 Jul 2019
How were ships like the Mary Rose built?

Part of the Festival of Archaeology 2019

Discover the ancient skills of shipwrighting as a team of experts use replica tools recovered from the Mary Rose to demonstrate hewing, hacking and cleaving by building a replica Jolywat, a type of 16th century ship’s boat that will take...

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Totally Tudor Summer Holidays! 24 Jul - 03 Sep 2019
Six weeks of Totally Tudor activities - a different one each week!

More information to come!

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